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PLEASE NOTE: The following information is intended for our established patients only. We cannot give advice until a professional relationship has been established. These recommendations do not replace the advice of a medical professional.

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If you're still not sure what to do, please contact our office. If it's non-urgent, please call during regular office hours. We always have a provider available to answer urgent questions that can't wait until the morning. If you have a concern about illness in your baby under two months of age, please call immediately, even after hours. 


Dosage Chart

Please use this chart for a list of commonly used medications. Although the medicine boxes may give dosing by child’s age, due to the wide variation in weights, it is best to dose medicines based on the child’s weight. The table listed below is for common concentrations. The concentration is often listed on the front or side panel, usually as "mg per teaspoon" or "mg/5mL".

Please check the concentration of the medicine before giving it. The boxes often look similar and overdoses can happen. Also, write down when medicines are given to ensure that dosages are spaced apart properly and that over-dosage does not happen.

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