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School & Sports Physicals in Plainfield, IL

Wellcare Visits Addressing Necessary Childhood Physicals

Dr. Kristine Liberty, Dr. Steven Kovar, and Dr. Jessica Ciszek head up Kids First Pediatrics in Plainfield, IL. Our esteemed pediatric medical doctors are skilled, experienced, board-certified in pediatrics, and deeply devoted to meeting the healthcare needs of the children in Plainfield and surrounding areas. We are here today to explain three types of childhood physicals. Illinois requires school physicals for early childhood/kindergarten/first grade/sixth grade/ninth grade.

Defining School Physical - Sports Physical - Camp Physical

What is a school physical, and what can I expect?

Our doctor assesses the general overall health and development of your child. The best time to get a school physical is six weeks before school starts. Its purpose is to ensure your child can meet the demands of the impending school year.

Help your child prepare for a school physical by,

  • Explaining the procedure
  • Reassure/support your child
  • Bathe/shampoo prior
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Praise the child's cooperation
  • Encourage your child to answer questions

We determine if your child has any social/emotional/cognitive issues and how they developmentally progress. Many schools require school physicals before your child starts school. Expect,

  • A review of medical history
  • Weight/height/vital signs
  • Assess vision/hearing/posture/strength/flexibility
  • Examines heart/lungs/abdomen/nose/mouth/teeth/throat
  • Possible drug testing
  • May or may not have immunizations due

What are the differences between a sports physical/school physical?

A sports physical is more in-depth and complete than a school physical. It includes a thorough physical exam and medical history. Its purpose is to ensure your child is healthy enough to play certain sports and is not at risk for injury/illness due to underlying health issues such as a heart defect, diabetes, or asthma.

  • Ensure plenty of rest
  • Bathe/shampoo before
  • Encourage them to ask the doctor questions
  • Ensure there is no pain or discomfort

Can my child have a school physical and sports physical simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible, but check with your insurance carrier first. Schedule a sports physical six to eight weeks before the sport begins.

What is a camp physical and its purpose?

This exam ensures your child is healthy to participate in camp activities and protects the child and camp from avoidable illness/injury/life-threatening conditions.

Prepare your child for this exam by reassuring/supporting/talking to them/bathing, shampooing before the visit/get plenty of rest. This exam,

  • Assesses general health
  • Targets health risks
  • Review medical history/immunizations
  • Reviews pre-existing conditions/allergies/asthma/diabetes/recent injuries/heart conditions
  • Medication review

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Call Dr. Liberty, Dr. Kovar, and Dr. Ciszek at Kids First Pediatrics in Plainfield, IL, at 815-609-5437 if you seek a quality pediatric doctor. Make your child's school, camp, sports physical appointment, consultation in advance to be sure they comply with school/camp requirements. School, sports, and camp physicals are good for one year between your child's scheduled well-care and sick visits.

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